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Tow Consulting Group’s clientele ranges from publicly traded companies to small family businesses. Besides consulting for businesses across the nation. Tow Consulting Group designs and presents seminars for business and trade associations nationwide.

Tow Consulting Group’s philosophy is simple - Establish a consulting organization that handles all aspectsof a tow company’s business needs.

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  • Consultation is by phone, email, or on-site and customized to your company's needs.
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    Employee Handbook and Company Policy

    A comprehensive employee handbook stating your company's policies as they relate to your towing company employees.

    Towing Impound Package for Non-Consent Towing
    The package includes our popular "Dolly Training Video," an 18-minute instructional video that emphasizes safe dolly loading and unloading, safe and correct lifting procedures, how drivers can ensure the customer is out of harm's way, and how and why transmission damage can be prevented by proper use of tow dollies.