Gary Coe
Gary and his Dad, Harold Coe, started Speed’s Towing in Portland, Oregon, nearly 40 years ago. They built their company on high quality customer service, community service, and business integrity.

Service to the Towing Industry and Community
An organizer of his State and local towing associations, Gary helped found the Towing and Recovery Association ( TRAA) in 1979, serving as its President from 1989-1991.

In 1995, Speed's Towing received the Oregon Entrepreneur Award for Most Outstanding Service Business. “ Tow for Life”, the annual program which offers a free tow home for motorists who have had too much to drink to drive safely, is another of Gary's community service programs that has gained him recognition and the appreciation of Mothers Against Drunk Driving as well as the entire community.

In 1997, Speeds became one of the first 18 companies that merged to form RoadOne, a national, publicly traded, consolidation of towing companies. After serving as Regional Vice President for 3 years, Gary left RoadOne and started Fleet Sales West, a towing equipment distributorship in partners with his wife, Donna, and her son, Jim Walsh.

After a December 2000 repurchase of the Speed's Towing assets from RoadOne, Gary now operates Retriever Towing, a 10-truck impound company, Oregon Lien Service, and, with his partners, Donna and Dave, Speed's Supertow, a 20-truck, light and medium duty towing service. Since his dad’s retirement, Gary also oversees Speed’s Auto Services Group, an automotive repair shop and Auto Adventure, a recycled Honda parts store.

With Donna and her son, Jim Walsh, Gary owns Fleet Sales West, a tow truck distributorship in Portland, Oregon, and Golden West Towing Equipment, West Coast Towing Equipment, and Competition Wheel Lift, in CA.

A former pro-stock drag racer and an avid car collector, Gary's award-winning, high horsepower, custom Mustangs have been featured in three national magazines. Donna and Gary collaborate in outdoor activities as well. They love to bike, ski, and canoe. They enjoy their Canondale Tandem bicycle, on which they did a Summer 2002 Olympic Peninsula tour.


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