Towing Training Manual - Employee Manual... $200
Ensure that your employees understand your company policies and procedures and stay in compliance with all labor laws with our comprehensive Employee Manual that is specific for the towing industry.

Includes Policy, Employee Acknowledgement form, Drug and Alcohol Policy, Drug Testing Consent forms for Post Accident and Reasonable Suspicion Testing. Documents tailored to fit your company.

Towing Training Manual - Tow Operator ... $200
Tow operators are not just drivers they are customer service representatives and sales people in the field so give them the skills to succeed. Our manual covers job descriptions, performance evaluations and addresses matters such as a company uniform, handling the angry customer on the job training techniques. (includes the following items and more– over 23 in all!)
  • Driver Training Checklist – Ensures thorough training and accountability. Covers truck, wrecker components, correct dolly use, pre-trips, correct wheel lift & carrier loading; safety procedures, recovery, radio procedures, invoicing, customer service, classroom training. Trainer/Trainee both sign off on each area of instruction. Keeps trainer on target. Your Insurance Man will love this one!
  • Driver Policy - Personal Responsibility, Fleet Safety, Pay Plan, Performance Standards and Evaluation, Disciplinary Process and more.
  • Driver Position Descriptions - Details job qualifications and expectations for Lt/Med and HD.
  • Driver Performance Evaluation - Follows job description format, making evaluations easy and productive – resulting in improved performance.
  • Training Expense Agreement - Helps stop drivers going to work for your competitor, armed with training you bought!
  • ESN – Employee Status Notice – an ‘all-purpose’ form for documenting your employees’ files.
  • Employee Warning Notice – Helps you document disciplinary warnings given to employees.

    Towing Training Manual - Dispatch ... $100
    Dispatchers and Call Receivers are the key to your success so give them the tools they need. Our manual addresses the common issues that they will face on a daily basis from handling the angry customer to giving price quotes and working with your tow operators. In addition you will also receive job descriptions, performance evaluation forms and tips for successful coaching.

    Towing Training Manual - Smart Hiring ... $200
    Are you always trying to hire one more person to fill your team? Do you seem to have a revolving door? Maybe it has something to do with how you are hiring. Our manual will offer you techniques on the proper way to conduct an in depth interview, questions to ask during the interview, checking references and what to do with your new employee once you have hired them. (includes the following items and more)

  • 9 Steps to Hiring Success - a Complete Hiring Guide
  • Open-ended interview questions – Get info you might otherwise miss.
  • New Employee Orientation Outline - Get new employees off to the right start
  • New Employee Document Checklist
  • Creative Recruitment Ideas – Includes “Bounty” poster and where else to look for quality people!
  • Sample classified employment ads – these are jazzy, designed to attract interest!
  • Sample “Thank you!” letter for applicants you don’t hire –Customers call for a tow because they thought our “Thanks” letter was so great!

    Towing Training Manual - Private Property – includes Dolly training Video $200.00
    Includes job descriptions for towing impound manager, outside sales associate, articles and outlines on "best practice" for non-consent towing, impound agreement and patrol agreement forms and an 18-minute training video to show your drivers the safest, fastest way to dolly, and WHY. Why not show this video to your dispatch crew?

    Job Descriptions and Performance Reviews... $20 ea or complete set for $250

  • Light/Medium Duty Tow Operator* *included in Driver Mgmt. Guide
  • Heavy Duty Tow Operator*
  • Towing Operations Manager*
  • Fleet Mechanic
  • Sales Manager/Sales Representative
  • Dispatcher/Call Receiver**
  • Dispatch Manager**
  • Specialized Transport Coordinator** **included in
  • Dispatch Training Guide
  • Bookkeeper/Office Manager
  • General Manager
  • Payroll/Accounting/HR Manager
  • Performance Review for Dispatchers (3 in package), and other non-driving personnel
  • Driver Performance Review Forms (3 in package)

  • Analyze your profitability
  • Consistently improve CASH FLOW
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce costly employee turnover
  • Make your trucks earn their keep
  • Improve net profit!
  • Get more done each day and keep track of important tasks
  • Acquire more customers - and keep the ones you have!
  • Be a better leader and people manager

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