This is our current listing of seminars and workshops. More are being added regularly. We also create workshops specifically at client request.

"Core Strategies for Profitability"
A Comprehensive Business Workshop with Michele Godwin
In this value-packed workshop Michele shares what she and the Coes have learned in their combined 50+ years in the business and what they believe are the keys to lasting success in the towing business. THIS session is for YOU, if you…

  • Are frustrated by Competitors who undercut prices while providing poor service
  • Struggle to find and keep great Employees
  • Want to be more “Fleet Efficient”
  • Want to get and keep More Business
  • Need Profit on your Bottom Line!
  • A Written Company Policy Can Save Your Hide AND your Sanity!!
    Have you "put off" having a written employee policy because you are worried about how to present it to your long-time employees who have been 'doing just fine" (THEY think!) without one? Or are you afraid that having a policy will restrict YOU too much? Or, maybe you think your company is small - and that Company Policies are only for BIG business. An employee policy - with the right language in it - can save you employee hassles, law suits, unemployment claims and unnecessary turnover. For owners and managers

    Make the Money Talk and the “BS” Walk!
    Are you running harder and putting less in your pocket? Is there a market niche you haven’t thought of? In this seminar you will learn:

  • How to increase higher dollar tows while you reduce the cheap ones
  • How to work those customer calls into your busy schedule
  • What to say to the customer who seems happy with your competitor’s service, when you know yours is superior
  • How to “Find” new business that actually pays!
  • Which marketing tools work and which cost too much
  • How to put your dispatch and driver force on your sales team

    "Painless Performance Reviews"-Why it PAYS to tell employees how they are doing.
    As managers and business owners, we procrastinate more on giving employee feedback than on any other management task! Is it because we perceive the process as confrontational and emotionally charged - one we want to avoid at all costs? Avoiding it, however, is more costly than you think. NOTHING is more important to the success of your employee – and thus to the success of your business than giving EFFECTIVE, CONSTRUCTIVE performance reviews. Customer satisfaction, the reputation of our business, and employee turnover are just some of the things that are dramatically affected by our effectiveness in giving employees feedback on how well they meet their job performance expectations. In this seminar, we will show you how to make this a simple, win-win experience - one that you will never put off again. We will even give you the forms to do it!

    "What’s it Worth?"
    Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you need to make an objective evaluation of the towing operation to maximize profitability. Even if you have no short-term intention of selling your business, knowing its market value will benefit you significantly. If you are a prospective buyer new to the towing industry, you will find Gary’s ideas and methods a huge help. Many of our clients have!

    "Acquiring the Tower Next Door"
    Gary Coe grew his first tow company, Speed's in Portland, OR, partly through acquisitions. In this seminar, he shares the ins and outs of his acquisition strategies, how he identifies the best prospects for takeover, and how to work through the process and avoid its pitfalls.

    “The Magic of Legendary Customer Service"
    Full spectrum customer service training for ALL front line people in a towing company! Gain the upper hand with out-of-control, angry, unreasonable customers, gain customer confidence on the phone and on the street, get ALL of the critical call information and get it right, build co-workers' confidence and cooperation, and more! For call receivers, dispatchers, impound release clerks, lead drivers, anyone who deals with customers or INTERNAL customer service! GET this seminar on DVD!

    “Employee Management Made Easy!!”
    A MUST for every business owner!! Step-by-step guidelines for giving clear expectations and corrective feedback to your employees – without being confrontational! Keys to holding employees accountable and helping them to be better, all making your job as manager/owner incredibly easier and more satisfying, while reducing turnover and improving profitability.

    "Time Management for Impossibly Busy People"
    If you have ever felt that making a "to do" list was pointless, this session is definitely for you! If you don't take charge of your time, others WILL! We ALL only get 165 hours in a week. You DO have time to accomplish what is important! It is how you Choose to use that time that will make all the difference. In this session you will learn simple steps that will make you more effective. You will keep track of eveerything you have to do - especially when you don't gt to it TODAY! You will improve your credibility among your peers, your employees, and your customers. You will be more productive - get more done than ever! You will actually be less stressed! This system helps you get a handle on it all and puts you back in charge! GET this seminar on DVD!

    Hiring and Firing Successfully
    Management experience tells us that we hire too quickly and fire too late. But if we fire too soon, without good preparation, we can cost ourselves unnecessary expense and headaches. This session covers the 9 steps to smarter, more effective hiring, including all of the aspects of bringing a new employee into your company. Then, through progressive, clear disciplinary process and documentation, we show you how to terminate employees in the least stressful way – both for you and for your employee! Using these steps can save you significant unemployment insurance costs, as well as reducing liability exposure to discrimination and unfair practices claims. GET this seminar on DVD!

    Motivating Drivers and Training Dispatchers
    If you have trouble motivating your driver force, you are certainly not alone. In this session, we share ideas that we have learned over the years that serve to improve tow operators’ productivity and morale. Ever had a new dispatcher leave for lunch the first day on the job and not come back? We have! In this workshop we share our strategies for training a new dispatcher – and for teaching your long-time one how to train a new one – and maybe learn some improved Customer Service tricks in the process! (What a concept!) This session focuses on the imperative element of internal customer service – teamwork between driver and dispatcher – which is essential to our business success.

    “Cover Me!” – How’s Your Insurability?
    With all of the disasters in the world, many insurance companies are in peril – and they are far less risk tolerant than they used to be. This means that come renewal time, we can’t count on being renewed! In fact, some companies are actually receiving cancellation notices before their insurance year is even up! In this session, we will show you ways to improve your chances of getting coverage that you can afford in this difficult market.

    “Sex in the City”
    Harassment – Do you know all of what constitutes sexual harassment - and the many other types of harassment? Does your manager know? You will learn what types of behavior, jokes, and comments that may have seemed harmless in the past – can cause you trouble. Your managers need to know this, too, since they can be held personally responsible if they knowing fail to manage the complaint correctly.
    Driver/Dispatcher Turf wars – You can end them – You don’t just have to live with this productivity and morale destroying problem – which is common to most of the companies in our industry.
    Romance between co-workers Intimate relationships between your employees can wreak havoc in your business – What can you do about it? Do you have any control? We’ll show you your options to manage this common workplace dilemma.


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    Smart Hiring Guide

    We designed this handy book to help minimize hiring errors! The Best Predictor of Future Job Performance is PAST Job Performance!

    Towing Impound Package for Non-Consent Towing
    The package includes our popular "Dolly Training Video," an 18-minute instructional video that emphasizes safe dolly loading and unloading, safe and correct lifting procedures, how drivers can ensure the customer is out of harm's way, and how and why transmission damage can be prevented by proper use of tow dollies.